About us


The comprehensive training program with multi-level seminars at the Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart targets any level from beginner to expert. Among the offered programs are the “SMC – practical course for students” to the intensive course “Mikroelektronik-Technologie”.

SMC – Practical course for students
Our popular course „Schülerinnen und Schüler machen Chips“ comprises compact and well-structured basics in electronics as well as design, production and testing of complex microchips. During the course a digital clock containing thousands of integrated components is designed. An additional focus is put on measurement technology and digital image sensors.
The 2-week course is designed for students of the upper two levels of secondary schools in Baden-Württemberg and takes place every year at the beginning of summer break.

Intensive course „Mikroelektronik-Technologie“
The well-established intensive course „Mikroelektronik-Technologie“ is conducted once a year with participants coming from industry and university alike. This course is comprised of 30 lectures and 10 hours of practical training.