Business areas


  • NeMoH – Microelectronics for AI - Neurmorphic Hardware

  • INOSENS – Research on an innovative optical rotation angle sensor

  • Particle sensor – developing a highly-integrated portable system for real-time analysis of the ambient air

  • MOCVD 4.2 – technology for applications in power electronics

  • TAPES3 – technology Advances for Pilotline of Enhanced Semiconductors for 3 nm

  • Fiber Coupling – Photonic interconnection technology with optimized coupling efficiency

  • OPALID – light radar for modern production (Optical Phased Array LiDAR)

  • HDRC-AeroPantoCam – sensor system for visual and thermal monitoring of railed vehicle pantographs

  • POSITION-II – the next generation smart catheters and implants

  • FLEXMAX – flexible active sensor matrix for medical applications

  • BW-CPS – smart intelligent energy-efficient sensor systems

  • C-GaN – complementary GaN Transistors for Logic Devices in High-temperature

  • GaNScan – mapping and modeling of GaN/Si wafers for power electronic applications

  • MULTI-3D – focus-modulating 3D sensor system