Fields of activity

NIL Templates

NIL Templates with capabilities as follows:

State of the art Gaussian beam and variable shape beam exposure tools

  • Templates made using quartz photomask blanks, quartz wafer, silicon wafer or SOI wafer
  • Post processing technologies are available for the realization of any required form factor
  • Multi-tier patterning with high overlay accuracy
  • Ni replicates can be made from quartz or silicon masters
  • Final qualification by inline-SEM
  • Professional cleaning
  • Antisticking coating: FDTS (perfluorodecyltrichlorosilane)

NIL Template specifications

Typical specifications of our templates, valid for an imprint field of 25 mm x 25 mm

Quartz templates

Quartz templates are manufactured in a state of the art mask line using 6025 photomask blanks. Technologies for single and multi-tier patterning of different etch depths are available. After finishing the structuring and the mesa process, the plate will be diced and polished into the final form factor.

40nm holes, 110nm deep

32nm pillars, 120nm height

50nm pillars on 120nm lines, height of the upper tier: 120nm, height of the lower tier: 230nm

270nm pillars on 510nm lines, height of the upper tier: 500nm, height of the lower tier: 560nm

Silicon templates

Silicon templates are processed on the basis of silicon or SOI wafers with different diameter. With RIE and ICP processes features in the nano scale can be transferred from resist into silicon or silicon dioxide. In addition, the availability of tools running the BOSCH process enables the realization of extraordinary aspect ratios in silicon.

30nm hole array, 60nm pitch, 80nm deep for data storage application

165nm pillar array, 370nm pitch, 400nm height for production of antireflective structures

Zone plate with outermost linewidth of 50nm

2Āµm grating wit a depth of 7Āµm, realized with the BOSCH process and a subsequent smoothing technology

For further information, please contact: Julian Hartbaum