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Microelectronics technology workshop

The popular course "Mikroelektronik-Technologie" is conducted once a year with participants coming from the surrounding industrial environment.

Next course will take place between
9 and 11 October 2019

No type of technology influences our life to the degree that we are influenced by microelectronic technology. And even microelectronics themselves are subject to constant changes and developments, such as chips continuously becoming reduced in size, yet increasingly more powerful, while production methods are constantly varying and becoming more refined.
The "Mikroelektronik-Technologie" course provides a sound and practical introduction into the fabrication of microchips and the special aspects when testing microelectronic circuits as well as packaging chips into IC packages. This course targets developers in the electronic field and decision makers of the surrounding industrial environment.
The participants will receive a qualification certificate upon completing the exam.


  • Starting at electronic systems to silicone structures
  • lithography processing
  • wafer processing
  • complete CMOS processing
  • packaging and testing
  • quality assurance and reliability

Information and registration:

For further information, please contact: Ehrenfried Futterer