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HDRC® image sensors (High-Dynamic-Range CMOS)

The latest generation high-dynamic logarithmic HDRC® image sensors with a resolution of 1296x1092 pixels is being manufactured with the advanced 0.18 µm CMOS Imager Technology. It is ideal for applications in industrial image processing, automation, process control, traffic management systems and measurement tasks in research and development that require reliable and saturation-free image recordings in difficult and uncontrollable lighting conditions.

HDRC® sensors advantages

  • Extremely high dynamic range up to 170 dB
  • High low light sensitivity
  • Safe color detection
  • Robust image processing
  • Global Shutter for undistorted image aqcuisition
  • Reliable, glare-free and non-saturating characteristics
  • No aperture or exposure time control required

High dynamic illumination ranges in video sequences do not pose a problem due to the logarithmic HDRC®characteristic curve. Well-resolved contrasts in dark as well as highly illuminated image areas, even during extremely varying lighting conditions do not result in any loss of image information – not even in one image.

Video sequence of a fire breather, CCD and HDRC® cameras compared


Video sequence of a fire breather, CCD and HDRC® cameras compared

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