Fields of activity

Easy and Precise Measuring of High Temperatures

The HDRC® Q-PyroCam can be used for non-contact temperature measurements under particularly difficult conditions. One application field is welding as the employed materials radiate differently along equal temperatures and a very high thermal radiation occurs and temperature is changing quickly.

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Ratio pyrometry

hot stove plate / temperature calculation based on radiation intensity ratio

So-called pyrometers are used to measure very high temperatures occuring for example in metal producing industry. The application of the patented HDRC® technology enables a logarithmic signal processing resulting in the possiblity to adopt the dynamic range of Planck’s law of radiation correspondingly to a broad indication range of the temperatures to be measured.
The temperatures which can be measured range from 600 °C to more than 3000 °C. Switch-over points involving calibration in sections are no longer necessary. Contrary to the conventional thermocameras, the emissivity is compensated by ratio technique. Difficult conditions of emissions leading inevitably to errors in case of the standard single-channel measuring technique because these conditions, subject to material, place and temperature, can only be provided for and included in the measurements under considerable efforts, are easily brought under control with the HDRC® Q Pyrocam.

Exemplary images


  • Extremely high brightness amplitude of the temperature radiator because of the HDRC® technology.
  • The temperature radiator (emission grade) surface characteristics are compensated by quotient techniques.
  • The high PyroCam speed enables temperature changes within a range of up to 1000 measurements/sec.

Possible applications:
  • Lamp filament testing under all power conditions
  • Heating element temperature profiles (carbon band heater, tungsten strip lamps)
  • Highly dynamic welding and cutting procedures (laser welding, laser cutting)
  • Induction annealing: temperature profile presentation
  • Fusing procedures on higher melting metals and crystals
  • Flame control, combustion chamber control
  • Quality assurance in tunnel, pipe and rotary furnace (ceramics, glass and cement)
  • RTP machine and diffusion furnace temperature profiles

For more information on the PyroCam: HDRC_Ratio Pyrometer_de_en.pdf

For further information, please contact: Franz Hutter