Fields of activity

Integrated sensor systems

The IMS develops and manufactures sensors and evaluation circuits for various industrial and medical applications.
Cooperating with our project partners we have developed the following components and are manufacturing the necessary microchips in series.

MoDekt - the sensor for label-free direct optical bio-analysis processing – a miniature laboratory for medical diagnostics capable of anything from blood collection to laboratory testing and medical diagnostics.
Basis for this sensor is a thin film photo diode with subsequent evaluation electronics using a highly-precise lightning impulse converters.

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The combination of a controllable proximity sensor based on capacitive signal evaluations and a high-voltage driver for piezo-elements with a voltage of up to 200V provides the basis for the pin plates of an new interactive Braille display in order to illustrate a two-dimensional “graphical” surface for the vision impaired.

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Interpolator-ASICs developed at the IMS convert analog sinus and cosine signals of optical and magnetic sensors into digital angle information with a resolution of up to 10 bits per rotation. Typical applications are rotary encoder systems and linear position measurement systems.

For further information, please contact: Harald Richter