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New HyperBraille user interface for the blind and the vision impaired

July 09, 2007

With the development of a new user interface for computers the blind and the vision impaired will be able to use graphic displays similar to the ones commonly used in computer software.
The HyperBraille project has developed a high resolution tactile display. Thousands of tiny followers are arranged on an area and lifted piezoelectical by drive and thus made palable.
HyperBraille takes it even a step further and offers the possibility to interact: the HyperBraille display recognizes whether the user touches the display and reports this to the computer. By doing so, „select“ of a bottom in a Windows application is carried out.
IMS CHIPS develops and delivers ASICs to control the shift key and to recognize the touch position to the Stuttgart based Braille module market leading project manager Metec AG.

The project is sponsored within the „Next Generation Media“ program by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie.