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ISSCC International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2008

February 03 - 07, 2008

The IMS will be giving two presentations at the ISSCC in San Francisco.


7.4 CMOS Imager Technologies for Biomedical Applications
J. Burghartz, T. Engelhardt, H-G. Graf, C. Harendt, H. Richter, C. Scherjon, K. Warkentin

Two CMOS imager chips are described. The first is a sub-retinal implant, being the only imager chip ever implanted into a human eye that partially restores vision to a blind patient. The second is a miniature imager chip, based on a thin-film-on-CMOS (TFC)pixel technology provides an optimum trade-off between sensitivity and pixel size.

Monday, February 4th, 3:15 PM


18.3 Ultra-Thin Chips on Foil for Flexible Electronics
H. Rempp, J. Burghartz, C. Harendt, N. Pricopi, M. Pritschow, C. Reuter, H. Richter, I. Schindler, M. Zimmermann

Complex digital and mixed-signal circuits on 20μm-thin CMOS chips attached to foil and exposed to mechanical strain are demonstrated. The piezoelectric effect in the CMOS transistors will reduce the parametric yield in circuit designs based on tight process variations. Suppression of the effect is achieved by layout optimization, cancellation techniques or widening of the process corners.

Tuesday, February 5th, 4:15 PM

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Location: Marriott Hotel, San Francisco, CA, USA