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New GFQ master

February 05, 2008

Two more masters are available for the GATE FOREST® ASIC family.

With the GFQ10 (10,000 gate equivalents) the production of significantly less expensive ASICs compared to chips previously based on the GFN012 master (also 10,000 gate equivalents) has become possible by shrinking the circuit structures. This allows a chip size reduction from 23 mm² to 11 mm² and thus maintaining a 3.3 V / 5 V compatibility.
The chip area of the GFQ060 with 60,000 gate equivalents compares to a GFN024 (20,000 gate equivalents) and adds comprehensive standard analog functions as well as optimized RAM structures.
After the qualification process both master types will be available for development and volume production of application-specific ICs at the IMS.