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Newsletter issue 1 2008

March 27, 2008

We present our IMS newsletter.

In this newsletter (issue 1, 2008) we would like to give you some highlights of our ongoing activities at the Institut fuer Mikroelektronik Stuttgart. The topics of the current issue are:

Two presentations by IMS CHIPS on the ISSCC Conference in San Francisco In an invited talk Professor Joachim Burghartz reported on the amazing capacities of modern image sensors developed by IMS CHIPS in many years of research work. The second talk concerned flexible microchips. The durability of ultrathin microchips was shown, which were mounted on appropriate foils in order to integrate them, for example, in banknotes or textiles

NANOIMPRINT TEMPLATES The UV nanoimprint technology has increasingly developed into an attractive technology, enabling the economical reproduction of very small structures. IMS CHIPS is partner of the MEDEA project FANTASTIC, a European research association for the development of the UV nanoprint lithography.

GATE FOREST® – technology expanson ASICs from IMS CHIPS have the reputation of being robust and reliable microchips for safety applications and extreme operating conditions in space. The new technology family provides two additional chip masters, having an increased number of digital gates besides numerous analog cells and specially developed RAM and ROM blocks.

HDRC®-Q-PyroCam – Progress in ratio pyrometry Dielectric interference filters replace optical color filters in image sensors for imaging temperature radiation measuring techniques. The image sensors developed by IMS CHIPS are not only used for conventional image processing but also for the measurement and presentation of the local thermal distribution on surfaces.

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