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Newsletter issue 1 2010

March 26, 2010

We present our IMS newsletter.

In this newsletter (issue 1, 2010) we would like to give you some highlights of our ongoing activities at the Institut fuer Mikroelektronik Stuttgart. The topics of the current issue are:

MicroTEC Südwest – IMS CHIPS - Partner in Excellence Cluster MicroTEC Südwest
The Cluster MicroTEC Südwest is one of the winners in the second round of the "Leading Edge Cluster Competition" of the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF). The institute is a major player within the cluster. IMS CHIPS will join forces with industries and other research institutes within the cluster to develop new process technologies and applications in the field of micro systems technology (MST).

The MEDEA+ project FANTASTIC – UV-NIL stamp manufacturing at IMS CHIPS
Within FANTASTIC, the potential of UV nano imprint lithography (UV-NIL) used for the manufacturing of advanced CMOS devices has been investigated. As partner to the European consortium led by CEA-LETI, IMS CHIPS was responsible for the template fabrication. IMS CHIPS now offers manufacturing of stamps with various form factors for different applications in microelectronics, micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems, nanooptics and nanophotonics.

Bent silicon chips – Characterization of thin transistors and simple circuits
Thin bendable silicon chips allow various applications since having all advantages of Si-based material (high integration density, high speed). A process patented by IMS CHIPS allows manufacturing of very thin und thus bendable chips. The electrical characteristics of bent chips have now been researched by testing transistors and simple circuits. Based on this work, the development of circuits operating on bent chips is now possible.

224V-ASICs – SME gain access to its own Smart-Power-Chips
Energy efficiency, innovative battery technology and e-mobility are presently main topics of the electronics industry. The project 24V-ASICs was launched to enable small and medium enterprises (SME) to develop its own smart-power-chips and gain access to series production at reasonable cost even with low production volumes, which are often typical for SME products.

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