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The Landesforschungspreis für Angewandte Forschung goes to Professor Dr.-Ing. Joachim Burghartz in an award ceremony held in Stuttgart

July 08, 2010

Ultra-thin chips enable new applications in microelectronics, micro system technology and medical technology.

Minister of Science of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Professor Dr. Frankenberg is awarding this years Landesforschungspreis Baden-Württemberg on July 8, 2010. Professor Dr. Joachim Burghartz (Stuttgart) is awarded the Landesforschungspreis for Applied Research. The award for Basic Research goes to Professor Dr. Jörn Leonhard (Freiburg). The award ceremony of the EUR 200.000 research prize will be held in the Neuen Schloss, Stuttgart.

The research team of Prof. Joachim Burghartz at the Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart launched a new technology for the production of ultra-thin silicium chips. The researchers successfully manufactured chips up to 50 times thinner than conventional microchips. The desired chip thickness is defined prior to manufacturing instead of polishing the already fabricated chips. This method is made possible by the patented new Chipfilm™ technology. The Chipfilm™ technology will enable various future applications in microelectronic products. Ultra-thin chips in textiles or band-aids to measure the human body temperature. Ultra-thin chips in miniature endoskopies for physical examinations. As imaging sensors, flexible ultra-thin chips can be clued on bent surfaces to match perfectly the optical characteristics of camera lenses. Due to their flexibility the new chips are a break-resistant alternative to conventional storage media integrated e.g. into credit cards.

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