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Newsletter issue 1 2012

April 05, 2012

We present our IMS newsletter.

In this newsletter (issue 1, 2012) we would like to give you some highlights of our ongoing activities at the Institut fuer Mikroelektronik Stuttgart. The topics of the current issue are:

New electron beam writer for the IMS
The IMS looks back on more than 20 years expertise in using e-beam lithography with Variable Shaped Beam equipment for multiple applications in microelectronics, micromechanics and optics. Future applications in these areas will require more precise structuring with higher resolution on larger substrates. IMS will be well equipped for the coming years with the new Vistec SB4050 writer.

Innovation coupons are well-received
From the idea to the finished product sometimes is a long and winding road. In order to support inventors and small companies Baden-Württemberg offers financial aid for feasibility studies and the realization of prototypes and testing of new processes. The Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart is one of the facilities fulfilling the pre-conditions for the innovation coupons. We are currently supporting several companies and researchers with the implementation of their ideas - that will be ready to market shortly.

Gateless PMOS – Microchips for cranial research
Three years ago, TU Berlin (Prof. Dr. Roland Thewes) and Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry in Munich (Prof. Dr. Peter Fromherz) decided to commission IMS with the realization of a novel concept for Silicon-based sensor arrays for in-vivo interfacing with neural tissue. The related sensor arrays were required within the EU funding project CyberRat coordinated by the University of Padova, Italy (Prof. Dr. Stefano Vassanelli).

Ultra-thin chips in flexible carriers - the PRONTO project - Ultimum
Embedded thin silicon chips and other components make up bendable and flexible micro systems that will be used in many applications in the future from intelligent band-aids to clothing with integrated electronics. Precondition is a reliable cost-efficient mounting technology developed and tested within the Ultimum project.

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