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MicroTEC Südwest: Cluster conference 2012

May 14 - 15, 2012

The PRONTO production platform will be contributing seven presentations on May 15th, starting at 9 a.m. IMS presentations will be

Heinz‐Gerd Graf
KonKaMis: Sensor design and MID

Dr. Christine Harendt
μ-Probe: intelligent test card systems to test semiconductor wafers

The Spitzenclusters MicroTEC Südwest cluster conference will detail the public status seminars of all BMBF-sponsored joint projects within the Spitzencluster, offer a spectacular inside into the activities of the cluster region and give an outline of the cluster participants. The first day of the event will be focussing on the strategy and management with the Spitzencluster MicroTEC Südwest. The second day of the event will exploit the technical depths and present the production and integrative platforms as well as in-vitro diagnostics and robust and efficient sensor technology. The event will target all project participants and persons with a an interest in micro system technology.

For further information on the cluster conference, please refer to:

Location: DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart, Plieninger Straße 100, 75067 Stuttgart