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METEC awarded with the VR-InnovationsPreis Mittelstand 2012 prize

June 20, 2012

METEC awarded with the VR-Innovationspreis Mittelstand 2012 prize Using Hyperbraille the Stuttgart-based Metec Ingenieur-AG can tangibly illustrate curves or maps, tables, mathematical and chemical formulars. This opens a whole new world of professional opportunities to the vision impaired. The Metec Ingenieur-AG was therefore awarded with the des VR-InnovationsPreis Mittelstand 2012.
IMS CHIPS has been partnering with METEC in the development of the Braille Display for many years and the new Hyperbraille Displays are also equipped with several hundred microchips "made by IMS CHIPS". Also participating in the success is the IMAT research facility of the Hahn-Schickhard-Gesellschaft that is a partner with IMS CHIPS in the "Innovationsallianz Baden-Württemberg".

For further information, please refere to: Press release METEC VR-InnovationsPreis 2012