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BMBF Project for New Chip Fabrication Technology Successfully Completed

October 29, 2012

Carl Zeiss delivers the first EUV lithography optics.

The "Lithography for the 22 nanometer node" project, led by Carl Zeiss, has been successfully completed. This national project was part of the European EXEPT Project ("Extreme UV Lithography Entry Point Technology Development") led by the Dutch company ASML, as part of the CATRENE Cluster. During the project, two Carl Zeiss companies and six other German companies and research facilities developed EUV lithography from the basic research stage to a technology which can be fully implemented for the volume production of microchips on the 22 nanometer node.
Within the scope of the project, the partners had developed the projection system required for the lithography process, together with the necessary infrastructure. The contributions of Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH (Oberkochen) included a more powerful projection lens, a highly flexible illumination system without loss of energy, and the high-accuracy measuring systems necessary for their qualification. IMS Chips (Stuttgart) supplied new optical elements for the precision measurement of the EUV mirror.

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