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2nd Kooperative Innovationsprozesse group session meeting to be held at the Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart

March 11, 2014

Shorter innovatiron cycles and increasingly complex products demand significantly more innovative power by companies these days as well as an increasing competence level in order to stay competitive. Without a strong network in this innovative chain with the geneation of ideas to begin with to the actual implementation of the product development this can no longer be accomplished by many companies and research facilities. Taking this into consideration, a new approach, such as "Open & Lean Innovation", which increases the R&D productivity, is gaining significant importance. However, what are the methods and tools for innovative acceleration? What is happening in open network environments? What happens in your own? How can these processes be controlled?

The "MicroTec Südwest" cluster and the "Photonics BW" network will be targeting these questions in the 2nd group session meeting.

For further information on 2nd group session meeting, please refer to: Einladung-Agenda-IMS-Chips.pdf

Location: IMS CHIPS, Stuttgart, Allmandring 30a, 70569 Stuttgart
Time: 10.30 am to 5.00 pm