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Prof. Joachim N. Burghartz is awarded IEEE Electron Devices Society´s J. J. Ebers Award 2014

October 03, 2014

International top award goes to first European since 1983.

Joachim Burghartz will officially be awarded this top award during the opening ceremony of the internationally top-ranking microelectronic expert conference IEDM in San Francisco on December 15th, 2014. He is awarded this prize in recognition of his innovative work on integrated inductors on silicon chips and for the development of breakthrough technologies and applications of ultra-thin chips. The breakthrough to integrate inductors on silicon chips originated in his research work at IBM in the US and a publication during the IEDM in 1995, both of which laid the foundation for today´s chips in the wireless communication technology.

Both of the contributions detailed in the dedication for this award have a special meaning ‘Industry 4.0’, a forth revolution in industrial automation, in which the national manufacturing sector sees a unique opportunity to further increase its international lead in mechanical engineering, the automobile sector and many other industrial areas.

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