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Intelligent foils for Industrie 4.0

February 24, 2016

IMS CHIPS has joint partners in the ParsiFAl 4.0 research project on the development of new sensors and electronics on thin foil.

The ParsiFAl 4.0 research project which is supported by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung comprises several partners supported by the project administrator VDI/VDE-IT on the development of thin electronics systems, i e. Smart Sensor System (S3) labels. The foundation for S3 labels is micro controllers, sensors, thin displays and integrated communication interfaces, all of which are embedded into foils. The ascertained data can determine a component´s condition and, therefore, maintain equipment pro-actively. This reduces maintenance fees on production equipment significantly. Thus, transportation of critical goods can be tracked safely in the logistic and packaging field.

Press release: ParsiFAl 4.0

For further information the ParsiFAl 4.0 research project, please refer to: