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Newsletter issue 1 2016

April 13, 2016

We present our IMS newsletter.

In this newsletter (issue 1, 2016) we would like to give you some highlights of our ongoing activities at the Institut fuer Mikroelektronik Stuttgart. The topics of the current issue are:

CMOS-compatible GaN-HEMT technology at IMS CHIPS
By manufacturing power transistors in gallium nitride (GaN) technology the IMS has experienced its first taste of success. GaN-HEMTs designed for stress up to 600 V were demonstrated on 150 mm GaN-on-Si wafers as part of the in-house CMOS manufacturing line.

essambling – new method to process ultra-thin chips
This was the first application in which the use of electrostatic carriers to handle ultra-thin chips and sensitive components was tried out. In cooperation with the equipment manufacturer Amadyne we were able to successfully demonstrate the mounting of various chips on substrates in line with this process.

The Smart-LiB project – a cooperation between ZSW-BW and IMS CHIPS
The project goal is to reach and develop an intelligent system without the wiring in order to monitor the inner life of lithium ion cells within the battery packs in applications for hybrid and electric vehicles. This will enhance the reliability and robustness of the cells during the production as well as during full activity.

INSERO3D – High Dynamic Range (HDR) stereo camera systems for applications in robotics
Within the INSERO3D project IMS CHIPS developed two generations of stereo camera systems for applications in the optical positioning of service robots.

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