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IMS CHIPS commemorates 30 years of top technology in Baden-Württemberg

October 17, 2016

Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart has been cooperating with industrial companies in Baden-Württemberg for 30 years as well as supplying technological solutions in micro electronics, micro system technology and nano structuring based on a proprietary silicon process technology.

“The Stuttgart-based researchers at IMS CHIPS and their multiple variety of research and services supplies have for years been an indispensable partner to small and medium-sized companies who do not have their own research capacities. In order for them to access this top research performance in the future, the state of Baden-Württemberg is investing into modernizing the technical infrastructure of the facility”, said Baden-Württembergs Minister of Commerce, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut. The minister presented a funding notice worth 1 mio. € during the festivities on October 17th, 2016, to help modernize the 30 year old cleanroom.


Location: Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart, Allmandring 30a, Stuttgart