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IMS CHIPS awarded as being one of “100 places to see Industrie 4.0”

November 07, 2016

Baden-Württemberg´s Minister of Commerce, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, presented the prize winners of the 4th round of the competition “100 places to see Industrie 4.0” on Monday, 7th November, 2016. A total of 17 companies and facilities were awarded for having incorporated Industrie 4.0 into their everyday business.
This competition is designed for „Allianz Industrie 4.0 Baden-Württemberg“ to develop innovative concepts from industry that successfully combine production and added value processes.

IMS CHIPS was recognized for the “ParsiFAl4.0” project: product-capable autonomous and safe systems-in-foil for automation solution”.
The “ParsiFAl4.0” research project´s goal is it to realize and install hyride sensor systems and electronic systems in thin foils in order to manufacture products, such as “intelligent” labels. These are made of several very thin and flexible sensor and circuit elements that are produced using a special chip thinning process. Other than there multiple fields of application in sensor technology (such as vibration monitoring or distortion measurement) the foil system will communicate wireless and bug-proof as well as process and store information.