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Newsletter issue 2 2016

November 23, 2016

We present our IMS newsletter.

In this newsletter (issue 2, 2016) we would like to give you some highlights of our ongoing activities at the Institut fuer Mikroelektronik Stuttgart. The topics of the current issue are:

IMS CHIPS commemorates 30 years of top technology in Baden-Württemberg
IMS CHIPS has been cooperating with industrial companies in Baden-Württemberg for 30 years as well as supplying technological solutions in microelectronics, micro system technology and nano structuring based on a proprietary silicon process technology.

KoSiF – new technologies for flexible electronics
Stuttgart-based developers from industry and research have been working on technologies for flexible and autonomous systems-in-foil with integrated silicon chips, sensors, passive components and organic electronics for 3 years now. The end of the project will see the presentation of the second generation of application demonstrators and the evaluation of the technological process suitability.

TENECOR – Measurement of smallest bio-medical signals
In the joint research project „Telemetric-multimodal cortex-monitoring of premature infants (TENECOR)“, funded by the BMBF, IMS CHIPS develops a chip which among other things measures brain waves (EEG) of premature infants. As the brain of those infants is not fully developed, an expanded frequency range (so called full-band EEG) is covered, so that paediatricians can gather extensive information about the brain‘s growth.

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