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KMU-innovativ project GaNScan launched

December 14, 2017

As part of the KMU-innovativ project GaNScan transistors and testing structures made of the compound semicondutor gallium nitride (GaN) are to be produced and researched on silicon wafers with epitaxy layers. These structured are used for space-resolved measurement (mapping) of testing and component parameters. This is done to research new structures and increase the measurement and test engineering competences in order to extract key parameters. The extracted parameters will offer an inside into the quality and characteristics of the substrate and epitaxy. This crucial information is returned to the epitaxial distributor to improve the reliability and quality of the transistors. Project partners are RoodMicrotech (projekt management, KMU), AdMOS (KMU) and IMS CHIPS.

Project timetable: September 1st, 2017, through February 29th, 2020
Sponsored by: BMBF
Support code: 16ES0745

For further information on the GaNScan project, please go to: