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TAPES3 - Technology Advances for Pilotline of Enhanced Semiconductors for 3 nm

August 17, 2018

The main goal of the TAPES3 project is to develop and demonstrate lithography, measurement technology and processing modules for 3 nm technology hubs. This is planned using the available EUV/NA-0.33 scanners and the system design and integration of a new Hyper-NA-EUV lithographic tool in order to enable more individual 3nm exposures to create complex integrated circuits.
The TAPES3 project is connected with the ECSEL work program “Equipment, Material and Manufacturing”. It addresses and aims for the big challenges in the “More Moore Equipment and Materials for Sub-10-nm-Technology” by researching the requirements and solutions for the 3 nm node. The project focuses on the core of a continuation of Moore´s Law.
The Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart (IMS) will cooperate in the work packages lithography and EUV mask infrastructure. The work package lithography will see the development of high-precision diffractive optical elements (DOE) for surface testing of EUV mirrors and the EUV mask infrastructure package by the IMS will see the research on new concepts regarding masks with alternative absorbers.
The ECSEL project is accompanied by a parallel-running BMBF project.

Course of the project: Oct. 01st, 2018 thru Sept. 30th, 2021
Sponsor: EU
Support code: 783247

For further information the TAPES3 research project, please refer to: