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Baden-Württemberg´s Ministry of Economics supporting upgrade measurements with 1.3 million euros at Institut für Mikroelektronik

November 30, 2018

Baden-Württemberg´s Ministry of Economics is supporting the upgrade of the old clean room at Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart (IMS CHIPS) with 1.3 million euros. This was announced by the Minister of Commerce, Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut.

“Utilizing its outstanding know-how in nano and microelectronics IMS CHIPS offers a technological portfolio for future manufacturing of intelligent microchips and systems that is unique in Baden-Württemberg. Since small and medium-sized companies in particular are rarely in a position to establish their own research and development capacities they depend on a reliable partner, such as IMS CHIPS”, says Hoffmeister-Kraut. Having a high-performance and up-to-date technical infrastructure is therefore critical.

The upgrade of the clean room stemming from the facility´s early days in the 80s was already launched in 2015. The upgrade of the existing control unit in the overall process control system is currently underway as part three of the overall upgrade. The equipment in the clean room requires a high purity level and a high degree of stability as to parameters, such a humidity or temperature, some of which had been compromised during processing using a 30 year old control unit.

Further information is included in the press release: PM_Förderung_Sanierung des_Reinraumes