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The “Fiber Coupling” ZIM project was launched November 1st, 2018

November 01, 2018

The signal technical connection of photonic components is made using optical fibers, which couple light into the chips via microscopic structures (grid couplers). The efficiency of this fiber coupling is decisive for the overall properties of the circuit. Currently there is a conflict of objectives between the necessary coupling efficiency and throughput capability of the relevant procedures (glass fibers need to be precisely aligned and attached in six axes). The project´s objective is to develop new grid couplers with a particularly high degree of couple efficiency which simultaneously meet future cost requirements using processes and procedures suitable for mass production. The main idea is to create guide structures in the form of buried structures in the wafer using special laser-assisted etching processes, into which the fibers are inserted.

IMS CHIPS will be developing an etching process which removes the laser-treated structures in silicon with higher selectivity than the untreated structures. The developmental work within the scope of the project include individual processing steps in a known production process.

Course of the project: 01.11.2018-31.10.2020
Sponsored by ZIM/AIF
Support code: ZF4429203DF8